The city of The Hague in the Netherlands is a beautiful place to be. If you like walking tours and would love to have a free tour of The Hague, you can enjoy the services of guide by Dylan van Genderen who is a local of the city. He gives the tours in both Dutch and English languages.

About The Hague

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The Dutch city is on the western coast of the small European country and offers breathtaking views of the everything Holland is known for. You might have heard its name in historical context as it is the seat of the Dutch parliament and the has the ceremonial king’s palace as well. Its rich history combined with cultural diversity and unique buildings and architecture makes it a truly unique place to be. Our guide Dylan van Genderen can give you a walking tour of all these places. You can never experience a city better with the help of a local.

Hotspots for Walking Tour in The Hague

During the free walking tour in The Hague, you will enjoy incredibly wonderful hotspots that are unique to this city.
The Hague has some important attractions for you to enjoy. They include Plein, the old town center of the medieval city which is right next to the Binnenhof, the historic place where the Dutch States General (parliament) used to meet. They both are historically and culturally significant destinations in the city and country and are a blend of modern, medieval and renaissance architecture. Its beginnings very very humble and started out as a collection of fields. But, the town center was built later on in 1632 and the design was inspired by Place des Vosges of Paris. It holds a curious statue of William the Silent in the middle that has been there since 1848.

The Palace gardens in the city are part of the royal family’s grounds that are open to public and people go there from all over the country to enjoy the serene beauty and calm in the gardens. You will absolutely love it here. Your guide Dylan van Genderen will personally take you to the best parts of the garden during his The Hague Cultural City Tour. It is a big place so if you want to enjoy it you will need some local guidance.

Right across the palace gardens is the Noordeinde Palace. It is one of three residences of the Dutch monarchy and has been the official working headquarters of the Dutch king for a few years now since the current king likes the place very much. Its rich history goes back almost five hundred years when it started as a medieval farmhouse. Popular owners and tenants include famous French philosopher Voltaire, the widow of famous William of Orange, King of England and the states’ general presented this property to her son in 1609.  All in all, a classical example of European heritage and architectural brilliance.

The last but not the least is the Mauritshuis. It is an art museum in the city and contains over 849 notable works mostly of Dutch painters and artisans. The 17th-century building is among the iconic structures in the city and you would absolutely love walking along with guide Dylan van Genderen. Popular paintings include The Anatomy Lesson of Dr. Nicolaes Tulp by Rembrandt van Rijn, Girl with a Pearl Earring by Johannes Vermeer and many others. It is an independent museum not owned by the government right now and receives hundreds of thousand of visitors every day.

The Hague is just 50 minutes from Amsterdam by taking the train – NS Intercity

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